LORCH Bird 2013  Nowość 
“Planning as early as possible“ is the philosophy of this boardline. For 2013 LORCH presents a new member of this family. The BIRD 139, which is optimized for smaller sails up to 8,5 sqm. Manufactured in finest full carbon technology the weight and stiffness of the “BIRDS“ are pathbreaking. Despite the high-end technology and the innovativ shapes these boards are even applicable not only for experts, who want to be the absolute number one on their spots, but also for amateurs who like boards which start to plan at lightwind even with a passive style of riding. Especially the BIRD 149 with its multiple concave scoop-rocker-line is designed for light wind conditions using the most favoured sail sizes 7,5 - 9,0 and thus is the first choice for riders, who want to start planning at extrelemly low winds, but don´t want to use extremely big sized sails.
model długość szeokość wyporność waga zakres żagli statecznik
Bird 139 256 cm 73 cm 139 l 8,1 kg 5,5 - 10,0 qm 48 cm (PB)
Bird 149 259 cm 74 cm 149 l 8,3 kg 6,0 - 10,0 qm 48 cm (PB)
Bird 163 267 cm 79,5 cm 163 l 8,8 kg 6,0 - 11,0 qm 50 cm (PB)
Bird 179 268 cm 88 cm 179 l 9,3 kg 6,5 - 12,5 qm 54 cm (TB)
  • bardzo lekka konstrukcja full carbon
  • specjalna, nowość LORCH , stworzona na warunki słabo-wiatrowe
  • nowy design
  • flat Scoop-Rocker-Line
  • kształt multi-concave bottom dla lepszego pasywnego ślizgu
  • w zestawie ze statecznikiem Lorch prepreg