LORCH Breeze 2012
For 2012 Günter Lorch presents a completely new designed BREEZE line. These boards convince even spoiled BREEZE fans. If you ride the new boards you will feel that they have again improved. The new models BREEZE S (130l) and BREEZE M (140 l) are more agressive and agile and you can push them to new limits in comparison to its international top tested pre-models from 2011. The boards are "flying" over the water. The test team was very inspired by the new feeling. Some of the testers where endangered to be addicted.... The boards are brillant in early planning and have a top performance in all disciplines. Experinced riders are able to push the new BREEZE to new speed limits ! Nevertheless there are not lost the well known jibe attributes and who likes simply to cruise and to relax will find an adequate partner with these boards for stress free days on the water. The technology is a LORCH-typical high end construction. LORCH uses only high grade materials for all components. The main bodywork is of course manufactured in FULL CARBON.
model długość szeokość wyporność waga zakres żagli statecznik
Breeze S 248 cm 71 cm 130 l 7,3 5,8 - 9,0 qm 42 cm (PB)
Breeze M 249 cm 75 cm 140 l 97,9 6,0 - 10,0 qm 46 cm (PB)
  • w zestawie ze statecznikiem LORCH prepreg
  • nowy design
  • harmoniczny scoop-rocker-line extremalnie wcześnie pasywne wchodzenie w ślizg
  • szerszy środek i zadarta rufa dla lepszej kontroli i zwrotności
  • doskonała deska, łatwo skrecająca
  • stworzona dla ambitnych amatorów i zawodników