Stateczniki ka speed
The Lockwood/McDougall speed fin series provides uncompromising top end potential in symmetric and asymmetric options. Current top speed by Chris = 47.6 knots for the 500m - fastest GPS time ever.

Speed sailing is largely about control, if you can get that with a fin that is also slippery and gets you back upwind easily, you have a speed fin. The KA speed fin is not just about sailing on perfect speed strips, but is designed, like most things that Chris Lockwood and Andrew McDougall have a hand in, to handle the difficult conditions with ease. These fins will help any sailor go faster, we are not yet sure they will do 50 knots, but we are sure they will make going fast possible and and as easy and secure as speed sailing can be.

These fins:
- provide great control at high speeds.
- do not let go getting back upwind.
- if they do let go they do not buck you, and will come back easily.
- allows controlled deceleration at the end of the run.
- the swept back angle makes them very forgiving and shed weed.
- and of course are very fast!

They can be used on larger than the usual speed boards in moderate conditions to reduce drag when going broad.

Sizes are 21, 21.5 & 23
Tuttle base only