LORCH Offroad 2013  Nowość 
For 2013 the OFFROAD board-line was revised and completed with the brand new Offroad 95. The new and pathbreaking art design was created by the son of Günter LORCH, Daniel LORCH, who is a an accomplished product-designer.

The 95l and 102l OFFROAD are equipped now with each two additional slot boxes. You can ride these boards now with single fin for perfect performance or with thruster-fins for choppy conditions, wave-riding or flat water.

All three shapes are easy to control and standing out regarding their agility. Manufactured in a high-end combination of biaxial Carbon and laminated in multiaxial technology the boards are equipped with an incredible lightness and an improved stiffness.

These boards are built to enjoy pure fun, especially in choppy and wavy conditions. They are picturing the missing link between the SPLASH wave-line and the GLIDER freemove-concept.

LORCH OFFROAD means pure fun in all conditions.

Bump 'n Jump!
model długość szeokość wyporność waga zakres żagli statecznik
Offroad 95 236 cm 60 cm 95 l 6,1 kg 4,5 - 7,0 qm 30 cm (PB)
Offroad 102 237 cm 61 cm 102 l 6,4 kg 4,7 - 7,2 qm 30 cm (PB)
Offroad 114 240 cm 67 cm 114 l 6,8 kg 5,3 - 8,0 qm 36 cm (PB)
  • idealna na warunki "Bump and Jump"
  • bardzo lekka konstrukcja full-carbon 
  • całkowicie nowy kształt
  • Winger-Tail
  • kompletnie nowy design
  • w zestaiwe ze statecznikiem Lorch Prepreg