Surfersgroup SG-380
The SurfersGroup SG-R 380 is the most innovative race board entering the race board class in 2013. For the shape we studied designs of different windsurf race boards built in the past 32 years. We studied displacement hulls of skiff boats and - even further back in history - the shape of Viking ships and the in Holland well known Skutsje, flat bottom sail boats and the modern container boats crossing the oceans. After the study we started building the prototype that was shown at the 2012 World championships in Medemblik. Some of the best Raceboard surfers of the world tested the board.

After a test by Pedro Moura, the best race board windsurfer in 2012 (vice World champion, vice European champion and 5th master at the 2012 Worlds in Finland) we made some small modifications and created our best 380 Raceboard and in our opinion the best new 2013 Raceboard on the market. Having the 2013 World championships in our mind we are sure that the SG-R 380 is the best choice to win races on the lakes of Nove Mlyny, Pavlov, Czech Republic. The technical department of the R&D team of SurfersGroup has been doing research outside of the windsurf industry and found solutions inside the High end automotive, aero space and marine industries.

The new SG-R 380 Raceboard is hollow and has a core sandwich construction. The outside has multi layers of 3D and UD carbon fibres. The bonding technique of the Carbon fibres, raisin and core materials is dry infusion, an innovative technique for the production of windsurf boards, but well known and used in hi-tech marine and aerospace constructions. The narrow 65cm width shape and the flat to vee (skiff) bottom shape makes the board glide in lowest wind condition. The flat also will help to lift the board and it planes extreme early. The width 47cm one off tail area and deck has a comfort feel and options to place the footstrap parallel to the centre point of the fin (DT box), ideal to pump the board hard downwind on the race track. You are in control! There are two footstraps parallel to the rails the front strap and two back strap positions: a total of five straps on each row. Measurements of the SG-R 380:
model długość szeokość wyporność waga zakres żagli statecznik
SG-380 380 cm 65 cm 290 l 12,5 - qm 38 cm (PB)
The board weight excluding dagger foot straps and fin could be -6%.

SurfersGroup always keeps the environment in mind and we are proud to say that our board are built in a technique saving op to 75% of energy use compared to production boards built at other factories. The infusion technique safes about 20 % of raisin materials, the raisin we use is biobased designed for hi-tech marine constructions and boats. The raisin doesn’t need a heat treatment to bond with the carbon fibres, so we have zero energy use. The boards will not have any kind of blisters coming out of the mould: we do not have to mask polish and add putty on the hull to make it straight.

The SurfersGroup DCSC boards are made in Holland. The engineers who build our boards are highly educated and the working environment is on the highest European standards.

Retail price 2013: € 2500,-.*
*the retail price includes 1 carbon light wind dagger board and light foot straps.
*a custom made strong wind dagger board is optional.
*a fin is not included. If you are interested in a custom fin based on your personal weight we can offer a set of 2 race fins light wind and strong wind.

Please contact for the specifications and price. Direct sales at SurfersGroup Factory store.